The most comfortable yet classy style of summer – slip-ons! There are a wide range of slip-ons available and almost all brands are up to serve your slip-on hunger. You can pair your slip-ons with any outfit and they are also suitable for those women who don’t prefer heels. To choose the correct pair of slip-ons, ensure that they have a little cushion, to make them the best all-day wear. To start with, I would suggest picking the neutral shades – black, white, nude, brown etc. and then move to increase your collection with brighter shades of pink, orange, mauve and red!

Here is a comfy slip-on crusted with a few buttons that make them dressy and can be paired with kurtas, tunics, sarees, and even jeans!

The front covered slip-ons came back to trend when Gucci re-introduced them in their 2016 collection. They tied up with some renowned artist for the prints and I don’t even have to say that those slip-ons looked extravagantly beautiful.  In fact this trend has gained such momentum, that you would also find slip-ons in the men’s footwear section.

There are also the ethnic styled slip-ons available in various prints and the obvious colors such as gold, silver etc.

These can be paired with the kurtas, salwar’s and sarees and are perfect if you are looking for something that covers your feet.  

Enough said about slip-ons, it’s time to add them to your wardrobe. Stay in style!

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