Let me answer the question that pops up in every fashionista’s mind. How many pairs of shoes should one have at any given point of time in their wardrobe?

The answer to that is 5! Yes!! Just 5 pairs…. 

Let’s start with the most basics

Flip flops – I am talking about those so “rough- use” pair of slippers which we all have. The one that acts as pool slippers, or when you just want to take your dog for a walk down your street or a million other small things or mundane chores for which we don’t focus on what we are wearing. You just slip it on and get going!

Two strap pink slip-on

Heyy,hey!! Just because they are basics doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.

Black/Brown flats – It is a mandate to have a pair of black flats, no shoe wardrobe can survive without these. The feeling that anything can be paired with them is not entirely wrong. The black flats are a staple to everyone and anyone who might be a bit fashion impaired or lost. By no means I want to make these the “dal-chawal” of shoes, but these are as basic as that. The right pair of black flats can just make or break any of your outfit.

Greek Black Flats

Beige/Nude small heeled wedges/platform heels – Having neutral coloured flats or low heeled shoes will always prove to your benefit. These cater to all your other outfits which the black flats might not do justice.

Beige block heels

Black heels – Enough about the basics, let’s talk party! Black heels are so iconic that they look glam on any dance floor. Ever notice, what colour shoe are most women wearing at a club or a party? Yes, you are right – BLACK HEELS!!

Metallic textured black heels

Gold/Bling heels/flats – We cannot dress in all Indian-ness without these. All of us need at least a pair of Gold/Silver/Bronze pair of flats or heels depending on every individual’s style and comfort. You will almost find yourself incapacitated without a pair of gold heels during the wedding season. 

Gold mirror work ankle strap heels

To be a little more specific, when I talk about flats, I am including everything under that category, right from mojdis to sling backs. Likewise the heel category include all styles – Pumps, Peep toes, Wedges, Platform heels, Stilettoes etc 

I am very certain that these 5 pairs of shoes should be able to address most of your wardrobe needs. But if you think 5 is not enough, step out and get some more shoes :D. (@yellowsolesindia). A few more (a lot more) shoes hurt no one ever!! 

P.S. – Personally, I would even consider having a 100 pairs less. There is just so much to pick from and so many colours <3

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